Our Vision

Due to challenges from climate change and an ever-growing world population the agricultural sector is under tremendous pressure to produce a lot more crop on limited acres. Bees play a vital role in save guarding a third of the world food production through their pollination activity.

With hivepoll we not only want to build a system which is able to protect beehives from parasites but establish bee colonies as a completely new kind of environmental and pollination data source. By introducing hivepoll we will be able to establish a novel data exchange platform between beekeepers and other stakeholder, e.g. in the agriculture market.

Hivepoll offers a low-cost visual computing system to detect threats to beehives in real time but also unprecedented insights into the performance of bee colonies as pollinators and potentially how they are affected by adverse environmental conditions and climate change. By analyzing the amount and kind of polls collected as well as real-time flight characteristics we can turn beehives into novel biological sensors with far reaching consequences for the AgTech Market, beekeepers and public authorities. The data gathered by hivepoll allows to predict crop yield and using better models to manage crop failure risks, two features which are among the biggest opportunities for Big Data applications in agriculture.

In the project hivepoll concluded in 2019 and supported by the EU H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 we could validate the feasibility of poll analysis and quantification by means of computer vision algorithms applied on image data streams.

Who we are

Cogvis was founded as a spin off of the TU Vienna with the aim to further develop and commercialize research project results. In the past 10 years we have brought a multitude of products on the market based on our cutting edge computer vision and AI know-how ranging from video analytics to 3D sensors for human behavior modeling to image forensics.

863723 (hivepoll) H2020-SMEInst-2018-2020-1